Green Education Strategy by FIM Europe Environment Commission

on Wednesday, 25 March 2015 23:04. Posted in FIM Europe News

Environment CommissionOn March 22nd in Warsaw, Poland, during FIM CIE Seminar, the Green Education Strategy was presented.
Mr. Peter Gregory from FIM and Environmental Stewards from 12 FIM Europe Federations were present.

Individual Speedway European Championship and European Pairs Speedway Championship Calendar New Update

on Wednesday, 25 March 2015 19:04. Posted in FIM Europe News

The European Track Racing Championship Calendar has been updated.
After the cancellation of the events of 15-16th May and of 24-25th April hosted by Ucraine Motorcycling Federation, the events have been re-scheduled as follows:

FIM Europe participates to Serbian Federation celebrations

on Tuesday, 24 March 2015 21:11. Posted in FIM Europe News

Belgrad Meeting low

From the left Danijel Vastag, Dane Korica, Alessandro Sambuco, Sasa Jankovic - BIHAMK, Dr Wolfgang Srb - FIM Europe President, Pedrag Durdev - AMSS, Mirko Kantar - Ministry of Sport Representative, Bozidar Mihailovic - AMSS-MSS, Mirko Butulija - AMSS, Lenin Jovanovski - MFMA, Bozo Erak - BIHAMK, Raiko Ivanovic - MFM, Zoran Pavlovic

On March 23th, at the Metropole Hotel in Belgrade the new appointments in the AMSS-MSS and the 20th anniversary of activity of Bozidar Mihailovic in Serbian institutions of Motorcycling were ce­le­­brat­ed.

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